‘La Communauté de Communes’ is a group of 12 towns and villages of the district of Mortagne-sur-Sèvre, founded to set up activities or organize services of common interests. It is the intermunicipal cooperation. For example, the service for waste management, the education of road safety in primary and secondary schools, the economic development: set up of economic activity areas like the ‘breeding ground’ firms Creadis and Agrodis to give the best conditions of development for firms and employment.

The Communauté de Communes has a deliberative assembly comparable to a town council ‘ the Community Council’ where delegates from each of the 12 towns or villages of the District of Mortagne-sur-Sèvre sit. ‘The Community Council’ consists of 28 delegates elected by those town councils. They are called ‘Community Councillors’. La Communauté de Communes is directed by an executive consisting of a President and 5 Vice-Presidents whose functions are comparable to the ones of a Mayor and his Deputies.

La Communauté de Communes has offices situated in Le Pôle Landreau and La Verrie, and administrative and technical employees.
The Community Council is organized into 5 commissions of work, for each of them one of the 5 Vice-Presidents is responsible.

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Community of the Towns and Villages
of Mortagne-sur-Sèvre,
Pôle du Landreau - BP 55
85130 La Verrie

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1) Protection and development of the environment
Waste collection, encouraging the making of compost, the management of 3 waste sites.
The Non Collective Draining Service.

2) Action in favour of economic development
Setting up and commercialisation of economic activity areas
Animation and management of ‘breeding ground’ firms: Créadis and Agrodis

3) Accommodation and setting
Local plan of living conditions
Setting up of a place welcoming travelling entertainers
Service of Geographical Information

4) Solidarity and Family

Setting up of the service of a Family and Social Economic Adviser
Organization of the service of a bus for the pupils at Olivier Messiaen Collège
  5) Employment
Local Mission for Employment in Bocage Vendéen
Training of unemployed people

6) Tourism, Culture, Animation Youth and Sports
Financial help for The Tourist Office of Mortagne-sur-Sèvre and the Touristic Pôle of Bocage Vendéen
Financial help for the creation of Gîtes or Chambres d’hôtes as well as the helps from the County helps.

7) Public Safety

Building of a new Barrack for the Brigade Territoriale of the National Gendarmerie
Education for road safety in primary and secondary schools
Maintenance of post fires
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